A Talk With Jared Hightower

Jared is a local trainer in Ottawa and was kind enough to offer his expertise in an interview, of which I of course wanted to take advantage of.

My questions are in bold, the italics are his answers.

What is the Biggest Myth of Nutrition

Probably that saturated fat is bad for you.  For decades the common person has thought that eating eggs will lead to heart attacks, but there simply is not any science to back this up.  Recent studies in the most reputable journals have only further supported that there is no link between dietary cholesterol and serum cholesterol, and that there is no link between saturated fat and heart disease.

How Can a Busy Person Eat Well?

The key is in planning ahead as much as possible.  If you work a typical office job try to make lunches and dinner beforehand on the weekend.  This will help you avoid the temptation of buying unhealthy fast food.  

What if you Forgot a Lunch and are stuck at Work?

In this case you should turn to a healthy meal substitute like a protein bar.  These bars are low in calories but high in protein, but make sure you only get the quality bars.  Beware of bars with added sugar. (My Note: You can use bestproteinbarshq.com to see if there is sugar added)

One Last Question Jared, what do you think about Pre Workout Supplements?

I get this a lot, and my main opinion is that if you stick with the most popular ones once in a while, they’re no problem at all and can be beneficial.  On the other end of the spectrum, there are sketchier products that aren’t so good for you, and if you use most pre workout supplements too much you could have some health issues.  Always stay on the safe side. (My Note: Find popular and safe supplements at bestpreworkoutsupplements.net).

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How I Stay Fit

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m kind of a jock.  Sports always came naturally to me unlike academics and technology based hobbies.  So I know that I can’t write much on the newest gadgets and whatnot, but what I can do is try to help people understand the human body better and how it works.

How to Train the Body

The first thing you need to do to get fit is to get a training schedule together.  I don’t care what you do, run, jump, lift, hop, skip, walk, just do something and you will start getting results.  Don’t focus too much on what you should do, just take action and do it.

The next thing you need to do is lock down your nutrition.  No more candy and junk food, you don’t need it, they’re empty calories.  Spend some time reading about the paleo diet and understanding why we eat the foods we do.

Now finally I want to look at ways you can speed up and boost your results.  My favorite ways to do this are to use different supplements.  I recommend starting with protein powder, you can use the guide at http://bestproteinpowderhq.net/ in order to learn which ones are the best.  Secondly, you want a creatine supplement so that you can work harder doing whatever activity you chose.  Similarly you can find the best one at http://bestcreatines.net/.

I don’t want to overwhelm you with information so I think I’ll stop here for now.  Send me your feedback and I’ll write more posts about it in the future addressing your fitness concerns.

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Running in Winter

John here for a quick post for all of our running readers.  I know from first experience that the winter and the cold can trigger Hip pain running, so here’s how to deal with it.


RICE stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. The RICE has been a recommended method in addressing strain, sprain, and hip flexor pain.

Rest is said to be a vital treatment on all kinds of injuries, particularly the 24-48 hours after the said injury. It is in this initial period, where the affected part is relieved from getting further complications that may cause more pain to the person. A part of this method is the use of crutches, sling, and splints as these instruments minimize the impact imposed on the affected part while performing simple functions.

Ice helps especially if there is swelling. Icing is significantly effective when treating an injury but its effect reduces after 48 hours. It is advised to use ice packs or ice massage on the affected area for not more than 20 minutes at an interval of 3-4 hours. Make sure not to go over 20 minutes. Otherwise, it will only complicate the whole situation and may even cause damage to the other tissues.

Compression can be done using bandages to snugly wrap the affected area.

Elevation method can be done by placing your legs on pillows during night time although you can also use other hanging devices to elevate your legs.

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The Roth’s Father…The Traditional IRA

As an alternative to the Roth IRA presented recently, you could also sign up for Traditional IRAs.  Typically traditional IRAs are better if you are in a low tax bracket.  In this post I am going to address how you would go about determining how much you could contribute to a Traditional IRA.

Narrowing Down Your IRA Contribution Restrictions

It is very simple to end up being overwhelmed from the IRA Contribution Limits 2013, especially when you may not use a Roth IRA to begin with.

Without an account, it can be very hard to be aware of all the conditions and aspects that are routinely found in the guidelines. Fortunately, it’s much easier than in the past to start a IRA account currently. To create an IRA you have 2 choices, you can do it face-to-face in a good investment banking institution or even do it on-line. If you choose to do it on the web it’ll be much simpler and more hassle-free later on to take care of your own ira.

When making an ira simply head over to almost any significant finance broker similar to Scottrade or even Zecco and sign up for a savings account. There will be step by step instructions about opening a IRA specifically. Just be sure you look into different brokerages so you have the most affordable fees every year, if you invest a small amount of time beforehand it is possible to save hundreds of dollars later on.

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Roth IRA Part 2

Recently you might have saw the altered Roth IRA Rules, if you haven’t read here prior to continuing to read the rest of this post: http://roth-ira-contribution-limits.com/. Have you ever wondered if you should make a contribution to your Roth IRA or your Standard IRA account? While an exact answer to that is incredibly complicated, there are many easy points you can pay attention to that will assist give you a clearer picture of the scenario at hand in order to decide on a great monetary selection.

  • Look at your tax segment before anything else. In the case you are earning a lot this year you’ll be in the high tax segment, and with Roth IRA deposit you will need to pay out a whole lot in taxes. On the other hand, with the Traditional IRA you’d not need to cover fees before you are significantly aged and then you may possibly fall into a lower income bracket
  • Second, if you make a contribution into your Roth IRA you have to pay out state income taxes at the same time if the state demands it. In the event you retired somewhere that doesn’t have state taxes you’ll benefit more through holding more inside your Conventional accounts.

Narrowing Down Your IRA Contribution Restrictions

It is really simple to become confused because of the Roth IRA Contribution Restrictions in the year 2012, especially when you might not have a Roth IRA in the first place. Without having an account, it can be quite challenging to know the many terms and aspects which tend to be often used in the policies. Thankfully, it is easier than ever before to begin a Roth IRA savings account right now. To make an IRA you’ve got 2 choices, you can either do it in person in a good investment financial company as well as do it on the net. If you open it on the internet it will likely be easier and much more easy in the future to keep up your own accounts. When making an account simply head over to just about any major finance broker like Scottrade or Zecco and sign up for an account. There will be step by step instructions on creating a Roth IRA especially. Just be sure you check out different brokerages so that you can get the least expensive fees each year, when you commit a little effort in advance it is possible to save hundreds of dollars later on.


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Massage on the go? Say it ain’t so

The other day I was really tense at the office and really needed to unwind a bit.  I was at the end of a 5 day week working almost 80 hours.  Sometimes you just need a short break from the work even though there’s more to do.  I decided to call up a mobile massage therapist and I was glad I did!

The masseuse brought all the equipment and I was able to get my massage done quickly in about 30 minutes and get back to work.  Think about how long it would have taken me if I had to book an appointment for a massage and go out for it like normal.  First I would have had to drive about 15 minutes there, probably wait 5-10 minutes for my masseuse to prepare, have the massage and drive back; a total of about 70 minutes.

Portable massage table

The mobile massage cost me an extra $10, but saved me 40 minutes of my time, so it was more than worth the extra cost for the convenience.  It may not be for everyone, but don’t be afraid to give it a try the next time you need a massage.

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Roth IRAs part 1

Today I wanted to look at something that has set the news world on fire in recent years, the Roth IRA.  This is the new go-to tool of people looking to invest their money smartly.  There is one side of it that I should address before anything else, which I’ll do now.

One of the biggest factors that determine your Roth IRA Contribution Limits is your taxable income, which is usually called your modified adjusted gross income, or MAGI for short.

Roth IRA Contribution Limits: Modified Adjusted Gross Income

To determine your modified adjusted gross income you must do the following:

  • Fill out either your 1040 or 1040A tax form as much as possible
  • At the bottom of the first page, either line 38 or 21 of your 1040 or 1040A form respectively, you will get your adjusted gross income
  • Apply deductions permitted for student loans and contribution savings, this final value is your modified adjusted gross income
  • If you are filing as a joint married couple, then you simply need to do this process twice and add together the 2 individual results

Once you have your modified adjusted gross income, determine which income bracket you fall into in order to determine your Roth IRA Contribution Limits.

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No this is not professional :)

I know the first impression a lot of people may have of the URL is that this is a professional news outlet, but it’s just me, an amateur writer.  This is just something I want to do in my spare time to practice my writing, so I can’t promise that I can cover a lot of material or even update that consistent.  That being said if you want to come back often and check for new articles I appreciate that a lot, I would also appreciate comments and critiques on each article if you have thoughts and time.

I apoligize if this site runs a bit slow, but I’m not very technically adept, I just bought a cheap shared hosting plan after reading this review – Is Bluehost Good? – which says everything should be fine, but I guess we’ll see.


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